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Eric Modny

Eric Modny


About Me

I began fishing around 4 years old, I was introduced to it by my Dad. The first fish I ever caught is mounted on my wall; a 4” sunfish. It sounds silly but it’s a reminder to me that any fish can be a trophy or be tied to a certain memory of an event which can be priceless. 

Growing up, my obsession for fishing took over and I started fishing Lake Ontario targeting salmon and trout with my Dad.  Honestly, we weren’t that successful and thinking back, most catches were probably luck! But we always had fun and made great memories, we have stories that we still laugh about today.

Fast forward a few decades and here I am now teaching my kids how to fish for Salmon and trout while constantly learning more myself in the process. I love seeing how excited they get even over those same 4” sunfish.

Favourite Gibbs-Delta Products:

Some of my favorite go to Gibbs Delta items are the Derby winner Big eye spoon, Michigan Stinger Fat Nancy and Dirty White Boy spoons and can’t forget a green/chartreuse prism Delta Inline Flasher and a Chrome Rhys Davis Anchovy teaser head.

  • Skinny G
  • Croc
  • Koho
  • G Force