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Mike Fournier

Mike Fournier

About us:

My Grandfather introduced me to fishing at a very young age by bringing me along to the river and slowly made me his first mate in his boat fishing Lake Huron. I still remember that feeling when I reeled in my first salmon. That feeling sparked my love and my passion for the sport. My passion continued to grow as I grew up and eventually purchased my own boat to fish Lake Ontario. From there I started fishing tournaments and began chartering. I want clients to have that same feeling I felt all those years ago and enjoy seeing the smiles on their faces when they hook up to a ferocious King.

Favourite Gibbs-Delta Product:

My favourite Gibbs paddle is a O’ki Kingfisher paired up with a Rhys Davis Large Teaser, this combo put me on the Great Ontario Salmon board 3 times in 2019!

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  • Kingfisher II
  • Large Teaser