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Born To Fish BC

About me: Fishing has been a life long pursuit for me, and like most kids I started as a kid fishing with my Dad. After the sudden loss of my father, I felt I had to get back to what I felt was important in my life. Before he passed he told me ” If you get a chance to go fishing, go fishing. ” and so my family did. Fishing became a priority in my family’s life. As I fished I became more in touch the local community, and was lucky to find myself engaged with many of the local area professional guides. I found my way to the World Fishing Network Ambassador program and discovered I had a natural ability for blogging, social media, and creating fun homegrown style fishing videos. I also found that as much as I loved fishing for myself, sharing it with others was even more rewarding. While I’m not a paid guide, you’d be hard pressed to find another recreational guy who puts in the hours and has a passion for the sport.

Favorite Gibbs-Delta Product: There aren’t too many species in British Columbia that I haven’t had the pleasure of pursuing, but the Fraser River White Sturgeon and BC Steelhead are probably in the top three. Number one though is fishing on the local salt water and hooking a Chinook Salmon. Pound for pound I believe it’s one of the hardest fighting fish there is. For pursuing these brutes nothing beats a guide series No Bananas or STS highliner flasher with bait in a Rhys Davis teaser in either glow green or No Bananas.