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Reel Adventures Sportsfishing

About us: Born with a fishing rod in hand, I grew up in the Kootenays and experienced a wide variety of fishing adventures. From the popular waters of Kootenay Lake, Columbia River, Elk River, St Mary’s River, and all the small lakes and streams in between I have gained knowledge in all aspects of fishing. My fishing adventures have also taken me to the larger lakes in Northern B.C as well as the popular destinations on the West Coast.

My passion is fishing, and it shows. You can see me ‘light up’ when the reel starts screaming! I still love the adrenaline rush during fishing, but I really enjoy watching other people experience that same rush. And that’s why in 1998, I started my guiding business.

Reel Adventures Sportfishing was born almost 20 years ago and is growing stronger each year. We offer year round fishing on Kootenay Lake and Columbia River, as well as Salmon and Halibut fishing on the west coast during July, August, and September.

I am thankful for this business as it has introduced me to new friends from all over the world. Making lifelong memories is what it is all about!

Favorite Gibbs-Delta Product: I spend half my season on salt water and half on fresh water, so the Gibbs-Delta products that I use are endless!

My favorite products on the ocean are my Gibbs Highliner flashers and my Gibbs G-force spoons.  The ‘Skinny G’ was by far my best lure for Salmon this past season.

On the fresh water, we are constantly catching Trophy Rainbow Trout and Giant Bull Trout on Gibbs Croc spoons and Gator spoons.  Gibbs Hockey sticks are another killer presentation on our lakes.

And finally, for our Kokanee fishing, we are mainly using Gibbs Willow Leaf trolls, as well as Gibbs Wedding Bands.