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Glow Lure Enhancer Flashlight
Lighthouse Lures

Glow Lure Enhancer Flashlight

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The Glow Lure Enhancer Charging Flashlight adds maximum luminosity to any glow in the dark lure in your tackle box by super-charging it’s phosphorescent pigments, causing a long lasting ideal glow that outperforms regular sun exposure. Also use the Glow Lure Enhancer Flashlight for curing UV resins and sealants for rain gear, waders, fly tying, rod components and boat parts.  Three AAA batteries are included. Please Note: The type of light that these flashlights emit is very harmful to your eyes! This is not a toy and recommend that children do not play with it. If you are going to use this as a leak detection tool, philatelic field or bacterial therapy we highly recommend using special uv filter eye glasses. Do not look towards the flashlight while using.

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