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Andy Bliss

Andy Bliss

About us:

I became addicted to fishing at a very young age. My grandfather was the one who got me started, he took me fishing before I turned three years old. My first trip to Lake Ontario was in 1987 once I caught my first king salmon I was hooked! During my high school years I started working as a mate on a charter boat during the summer. I then decided to go to college in the heart of Lake Ontario’s salmon capital Oswego County. Here I found my way aboard the Cold Steel in May of ‘99. Together Capt. Tom Burke and I have built a very successful lake business. In 2002 I founded Chasin’ Tail Adventures, my river business. To this day my heart still races every time a rod bends. But above all I take great pleasure in sharing my passion with others! Now when I’m asked what I do my answer is always, “I make smiles!”.

Favourite Gibbs-Delta Product:

I’d have to say my favorite Gibbs Delta product has been the Rhys Davis Large Teaser Bait Head. I remember attending a seminar on how to run Rhys Davis heads in the 90’s. To this day it’s still the most effective and easy to run bait head on the market! It has the best roll and colors that King’s can’t resist! Pair them with the O’ki Kingfisher II and you have a very productive King combo!

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  • Large Teaser
  • Kingfisher II