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Jason Tonelli

Jason Tonelli

Vancouver, BC


Like so many anglers, Jason has been in love with fishing from a very early age.  He grew up fishing the Lower Mainland rivers and the Southern Strait of Georgia with his Grandpa, Dad, and Uncle.

Jason started working at local tackle stores as a teenager and never looked back, working at variety of stores, wholesalers, and guiding up and down the coast for the next 15 years.  Eventually he opened his own store and guiding company, Pacific Angler, in 2007.  Today Pacific Angler is the largest fishing tackle store in Vancouver and their guiding division, Pacific Angler Sportfishing, operates 4 Grady Whites, rafts and jet boats, in search of salmon, steelhead and sturgeon.

The amazing 12-month salmon fishery out of Vancouver and the Gulf Islands has been Jason’s main fishing passion for the past 2 decades.  He loves the diversity of this fishery and sharing his passion for it through guiding and teaching courses.  His expertise in the Vancouver waters has been featured numerous times on BC Outdoors Sportfishing and Reel West Coast TV shows as well as articles in fishing magazines, local papers, and podcasts.  

Jason is a strong believer in giving back to the fisheries and industry that has provided him so much joy.  Currently he sits as of Chair of the Lower Fraser Valley Sportfish Advisory Board to DFO for the Vancouver area and is a past Director of the Sport Fishing Institute of BC.

Favourite Gibbs-Delta Products:

Fishing in Vancouver for salmon can be hot at 30 feet or 300 feet, depending on the time of year.  The diverse line up that Gibbs Delta offers allows Jason to get dialed in to any conditions, and he has a long list of must haves because of this dynamic fishery.  Some if his absolute favorites for flashers are the Silver Betsy, CB55 and Salty Dawg.  For spoons it is the Skinny G and G-Force 3.0 and 3.5 in Herring Aid and Trailhead.  For hootchies it is the UV White OAL12R and Chartreuse Splatter Back OG140R.  When it’s time to roll bait, he likes the Chrome Green Chartreuse, UV Magna Green, and Glow Chartreuse Splatter.

  • Skinny G
  • Croc
  • Koho
  • G Force