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About Reel Alaska Fishing Charters

Reel Alaska Fishing Charters was created by Captain Scott W. Edgar with over 30 years of fishing experience spanning from Alaska down to the Straights of Juan De Fuca, all the way through California, across to the Florida Keys.

Scott’s passion to provide a true bucket list experience for his clients of all ages, promotion for the conservation of game fish and the education of responsible and ethical angling practices has been recognized, vetted & accepted by the International Game Fish Association as one of their captain/guides.

Reel Alaska offers all-inclusive vacation packages as well as full & half days on the ocean catching Halibut, Salmon, lingcod, spot prawns & remote back water steelhead fishing and gold panning, bear & wildlife photography with the ability to customize your trip to provide you with those lifelong memories you, the family & your friends will cherish forever.

Favourite Gibbs-Delta Product:

A few of Scott’s Gibbs Delta go to’s include Guide Series Highliners paired with Skinny G’s or a JDF Teaser Head for Salmon, Halibut Spreader Bar with Delta Jumbo Squid or Zak Super Magnum Squid tipped with bait for Halibut and the Gibbs Cod Jig or Delta Squirley Shirley for Lingcod and Rockfish.

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  • Skinny G
  • Croc
  • Koho
  • G Force