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Adrian O’Connor

Adrian O’Connor

Zeballos, BC

About us:

From the time I could hold a rod I was in the boat or on the shore with my dad. My passion for the sport was definitely handed down. Like I said, it’s been imprinted in me from a very young age. I now spend about 150 days a year with rod in hand, mostly work and of course some play. My uncle invited me to Zeballos 20 years ago to start guiding. It has been my home every summer since; that’s how my career started. I love what I do and feel very blessed to have a career in the industry. I now have a small fleet of 5 boats and 15 beds at our beautiful oceanfront lodge. Now it’s my turn to pass the rod over to my father, son, or guest!

Favourite Gibbs-Delta Product:

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  • Skinny G
  • Croc
  • Koho
  • G Force